What to Do if You are in Love with the Third after a Threesome?---Part One

In a tinder threesome, one can easily get emotionally attached to the third, especially for couples that do not have a stable relationship. If you find yourself in such dilemma, there are four tips for you. There are no right or wrong answer for this, only that may suit your better in a long run. Do not act out of impulsion, or someone is going to get hurt by your action. Try to make decisions that is responsible for every party.

Before you decide, you can consider the following:

1. Stay with your partner and cut connection between you and the third.
Apparently, the financial and emotional investment you input to your hookup relationship with your partner is way much more than you input with the third. It is obvious that stay with your partner wins the utmost interests. The existence of the third will be an obstacle between you and your partner. When you let go of the third, you may suffer a period of misery. The most important thing is that you should try to face these feelings and focus more on your current relationship and invest more in it. If your partner knows about it, you can sit down and have a nice conversation about why you should be with your partner. Maybe you want to discuss a rule about never have couples dating again and focus more on each other. Or, you can also continue your open relationship and set new boundaries about what is okay and what is forbidden. You may also want to tell how you really feels about the third and about your partner if you think being honest can be helpful.

2. Leave your partner and start a new relationship with the third.
If you find yourself deeply in love with the third and you know that he/she feels the same way as you do, you can choose to leave your partner and start a new adventure with the third. Breaking up with your partner will be just as painful as breaking up with the third. Plus, you will feel guilty and your partner will be hurt badly, which will make you feel even more miserable and guilty. Prepare to live with that for a long time maybe. The most important thing is that you should realize it is impossible for you and your partner to continue living like a normal couple. Your relationship is not going to work in every way. The feelings of you feel towards the third is strong enough for you to abandon everything you once had to recreate new from the ground. Having a new relationship is exciting but also challenging. It is possible that after a long time, you may find that it is just the same as it is with the last person. Make sure you prepare for that.