The Tips to Have a Good Lover for Girls

Since the beginning of the COVID-19, I started to review my late two relationships and I wanted to learn something from them. You can say I am bored and that is what I am during this day. I just stay at home and play online games. What’s more, my mother is playing the online games with me and actually, she didn’t like playing game before. I have to this hard time drwa us crazy. But out of security, going out is not a wise choice. Therefore, today, I will give some tips for girls to have a good lover. I just summarized from my real experience and I hope they will also work for you.

The first tip, please don’t forget your friends no matter males or females when you are in love with someone. I found many girls abandon their best friend as along as they have their boyfriend or husband. Their life seems only to be connected with their lovers. But I don’t. When I was in a serious relationship with my ex, I would also have fun with my female friends on weekends at least once a week.

My consin Sily told me she felt so lonely after she broke up with her boyfriend. She wanted to ask her friend out but she didn’t know who could ask for. Yes, if we just pay attention to our lover and totally ignore our friend, you will find no one to chat with after a breakup. And why I list this one as the most important is that you will find the people you meet are introduced by your friends mostly. If you want to find a good boyfriend, you should tell your friends at first and ask them to introduce some nice guys to you if they find someone. No matter what time, we can turn to our friends.

The second tip is to use some effective curvy dating apps. For those bbw dating apps, I don’t mean you should have hookups with the strangers. You can search the dating apps which more focuses on chatting or making friends rather than just one night hookups. As for me, I had used a dating app. I should say that I didn’t want hookups because I hoped I couldn’t find someone who really liked me. For the first day I became a new users, I found two boys were good as they just wanted to chat with me as I wanted. I kept chatting with a boy for one month and we decided to have a offline date. How to say, the boy became my ex. Yes, we broke up but searching boyfriend in a dating app is really helpful. Of course, you may try to chat with many people as some people just want to have a one night hookup. But if you have found the suitable guy, you may have a new boyfriend as many matching system will pick up the person who fits your need firstly.

I just have two good tips from my life and if you have any other , please tell me!