How to Become Passable?

Transgender people is one of the most controversial topics people have been talking about. It is very understandable given the fact that many transgender people do wear exaggerated clothes and makeup. Today, we are offering some practical tips and advice for transgender people to make them look more passable. This is very important not only because of a proper appearance, more importantly, it is for their own safety. The homicide rate of transgender people is terribly high. Us transgender hookup people should work harder to look passable and keep ourselves safe.

The first thing is hair. Everyone knows that men's hair is much more active than women's. In order to look passable, you need to remove those superfluous hair, such as moustache, armpit hair, and hairs on your cheeks. You can use a good razor or just do some laser surgery to remove them once and for all. You can also plug them. It will hurt at the beginning. But it won't hurt as much later. In this way, your hair won't grow as fast as it should be. Anyway, face is the first thing they will notice when they see you. You need to make it super smooth, or it will immediately and easily give you away. You are not going to get a ts date with it.

Practice your voice. The voice of male and female is very different. If you want to be a woman and be recognized as women, you need to practice your voice and make it sound higher. You can find a singer or celebrity whose voice you like and start imitation. You can singer along with her. You can also read a book. Read out loud, like you are acting. Take a notice every time you speak. Practice makes perfect. Voice practicing is a very long process. Do not rush it. It can take months or even years. After you passed that period, your voice will change. You won't know your old manly voice, just like that voice isn't your natural voice anymore. You will possess a very feminine, sexy and high female voice. The result is quite rewarding.

Get your nails done. Painting nails is a privilege of female. Guys can't do that, at least straight guys. Before painting nails, you need to spend some time with your hands. Have your hands cleaned and exfoliated. It has to be done regularly. There are lots of guys are attracted to hands and feet more than face. There is also a saying that hands are your second face. Do not keep long finger nails, especially for those women who have very veiny, strong and big hands. You don't want to look like a witch. Paint some safe colors. Do not paint them with very bright colors. Just as I mentioned above, you don't want to draw much attention to your veiny and strong hands. Also, do not wear too exaggerated rings. It will draw attention too.

These are three simple and easy tips for you to look passable. Just keep them in mind, you will be a perfect trans lady and can easily get a trans dating.