Cure myself with one night hookup

I was drinking alone in a bar, trying to think what I did wrong. Why my girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend. It was just too painful to think it, so I took out my phone and decided to take another way to move on my thought. I downloaded hookup apps, trying to find a girl to hookup with tonight. Having one night hookup with a stranger can be better than spending one night with my thought and broken heart. I was swiping all these profiles and found a pretty girl. I swiped right and suddenly we were matched. It showed we were pretty close to each other. I initiated the talk.

“Hi, how R U?” “Fine, thanks. How about you?” “Great! Just broke up with my girlfriend”. Just like that we started to talk. I told her how my girlfriend broke up with me and she responded me with another story of herself. It sounded so familiar. Right! Her boyfriend broke up with her for cheating with her friend too. It seemed like I was not the only one who got betrayed by the most two important people in my life. It made me feel better. Here are the best casual hookup apps.

We talked about other things also. Just when I thought our conversation was about to end, she proposed to meet. I agreed. “Where R U now?” “I am at the central bar.” “R U kidding me? Me too”. Coincidentally, we were at the same bar and we were just talking through phone for over an hour. I found her sitting across the aisle alone. It was like destiny. Such coincidence totally cheered me up. I already forgot all about my cheating girlfriend.

I moved my seat to her. We had another long conversation, mainly about accusing our boyfriend and girlfriend. It was so fun. Before the end of the night, I was invited to her house for a night tinder hookup. She was pretty straight-forward. We were already starting to make out in the taxi. Before we entering her bedroom, we were naked.

This is not the first time I have one night hookup with someone, but the last time I hooked up with someone was a long time ago. I don’t remember I can be so horny and participated, even with my girlfriend. I was so passionate with her. She was very good in bed. I think she might be very experienced in this. Anyway, we spent one night with each other.

It was more than a hookup for me. It was like a connection and a cure for a broken heart. Although I still felt hurt the next day, but she showed me how nice it is being single. It is not worth it to fix so much time and energy in thinking about a failed relationship. Life is so wonderful if you look at it from another angle. Here are the best casual hookup apps.