Best Things that You didn’t Know about Threesome

Inviting a third guy or girl to share your bed along with your dating partner is considered to be a threesome dating and it become more popular dating way that are looking to try new things in having their sexual relation or feel the new experience while trying threesome. However, there are few things that I bet you don’t know about threesome or having some misconception about threesome. Here are few of them –

Threesome isn’t porn – it is biggest misconception that having a threesome is somehow related to porn and you don’t want to be a part of porn. But if you are interested in having threesome and you are not doing it for anyone else and only for self pleasure and personal desires than you won’t called it porn.

What is your role in threesome – it doesn’t matter you are into a situation of 2 female and 1 male or 2 males and 1 female, but the main thing about threesome hookup is to know your role. If you are individual and inviting by a couple to join them for a threesome session, it’s better to know your role and act accordingly. Discuss first before going into bed so that you can enjoy your threesome completely. When you discuss about your role in threesome, make it clear that who will be the center of attraction and so that other two participants will play accordingly.

Have to please other two partners too in threesome – no matter who is the center of attraction, threesome mean all three participants have to please each other. Yes its correct that one must be a center of attraction and other two have to play accordingly but it is also important that other two must also enjoy the threesome and fulfill their desire of having a threesome.

Leave the jealousy if you really want to enjoy a threesome completely - if you are a guy or a girl that thinks that your partner is only belongs to you and none other can share your partner in any case. Then surely threesome isn’t for you and you are enjoying threesome completely if you ever try a threesome. While having a threesome, if you feel that your dating partner is giving more important to guest or your partner is getting more importance and you are jealous with all this than you are not the right candidate for having a couple dating along with your wife or a girl friend.

Be a part of threesome till end – It doesn’t matter how far or soon you are finished, but when you are having a threesome it’s important to be a part of threesome and never left the room if other two are still playing with each other or not finished, you are not allowed to leave the room or sit aside and let them play. It’s a threesome and you are a part of this threesome. Don’t wait them to invite you and join them, go and have fun.